Professional Ethics Model

The values of our company are the ethical and professional principles that evidence our identity. At Milo, we easily define our values as the identity that helps us conduct our company’s actions ethically. 


We dream of an organizational culture built on a solid base of values accepted and modelled by all our collaborators, shareholders and owners, values that promote credibility towards our brands, generate peace of mind and trust for our clients and facilitate the achievement of objectives throughout the weather. 

Corporate Values of Milo Enterprises Inc.


We fully trust that teamwork and the mixture of abilities and skills multiply our productivity and create value by carrying out tasks that complement each other, contributing to the development of all.

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We are a team passionate about the things we do. We put our hearts and strive with courage showing the best version that is in me.

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Customer Orientation

We attend to the requests of our clients with courtesy and kindness, we strive to be agile and fast in attending to and resolving their requests, providing the best possible service experience.


We constantly review what we do, we measure it with demanding indicators, and we process it in a delicate method of audits, total quality control.


We are focused on the standardization of processes, evolving in technological advances and oriented in the search for excellent results. We always stand out and stand out positively, contributing an extraordinary mile that determines to raise our standards.